ERCIM News No.27 - October 1996

Distance Training by Cable TV

by António Gaspar

INESC's Centre of Communications and Information Systems is part of the Portuguese consortium participating in the TELEMATICS DOMITEL Project, which also involves FUNDETEC and TvTel (a regional cable TV operator). The project is developing tools to provide distance training to less favoured groups by Cable TV.

The INESC team is developing, integrating and laboratory testing an interactive distance training system for cable TV networks. With the above objective in mind, a two way communication infrastructure (LAN) can be superimposed on a cable TV network permitting access to the training material located on a headed network server. This server will communicate over the switched public network using a central control system which will be able to simultaneously control diverse servers on diverse networks. Various forms of interactivity with trainees will be possible and the training process will be managed by an information system which will provide a user friendly interface for all participants.

DOMITEL involves consortia in Ireland, England, Holland and Finland which are developing systems and applications for the flexible spread of distance training using Cable TV's existing network. The project, which began in January is targeted at home use by the less well off members of society.

In technology terms the emphasis will be placed on solutions capable of developing the capacities existing on the current networks to their full. More information on DOMITEL is available at:

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