ERCIM News No.26 - July 1996 - INESC

Application of Control Systems to the Electricity Production Sector

by João Miranda Lemos

INESC recently signed a number of research contracts concerned with the control of major Thermal Power Stations of CPPE, the Company within the EDP Group (Electricidade de Portugal) which is responsible for 90% of the electricity generated in Portugal.

The contracts involve the following operational aspects: the study of control procedures in emergency situations when the power stations are suddenly disconnected from the distribution grid (ILOTROL project); the development of impact evaluation methods for the renewal of control systems (IMPACTO); and the trial development of algorithms for flame monitoring applications inside furnaces (CHAMA). These research activities have been enhanced by several advanced training actions to be developed for senior CPPE technical staff in charge of instrumentation and control in the six power stations owned by the company.

These contracts are the result of the successful conclusion of several projects previously carried out on behalf of EDP by the researchers of the area of Control Systems at INESC over the last 10 years. The execution of the programme will involve the Dynamic Control Systems Group (ILOTROL, IMPACTO and Advanced Training) and the Computer Vision Group (CHAMA).

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