ERCIM News No.26 - July 1996

INRIA - Bernard Larrouturou has become the new president of INRIA following a decree by Jacques Chirac, the President of France. Bernard Larrouturou takes over from Alain Bensoussan, recently appointed president of the French space agency CNES. Bernard Larrouturou has held a number of posts since graduating from France's prestigious École Polytechnique in 1980. Most recently, he has been director of CERMICS, an educational and research establishment created in 1990 specializing in modelling, data processing and scientific computing. Associated with INRIA, CERMICS was set up by the École nationale des ponts et chaussées, where he also has an engineering degree. Member of Renault's scientific advisory board and chairman of INRIA's evaluation committee, Bernard Larrouturou began his career with INRIA in its Sophia Antipolis laboratory. In the course of an outstanding scientific career, he has won many awards from national and international bodies. These include the Prix Laplace and the Prix Blaise Pascal from France's Académie of Sciences, the Prix de la fondation Peccot from the Collège de France, joint first prize in Cray France's 1991 award and the prize for scientific computing from CISI Ingénierie.

INESC - Artur Pimenta Alves has recently been appointed Director of INESC. He joined the University of Oporto in 1970, teaching in the area of telecommuni-cations, and obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1981, from the University of Bradford. He joined INESC when its nothern branch was launched in 1984, and since then he has been responsible for several national and European projects in the areas of broadband networks and services. His scientific interests are currently in the areas of digital video and image communications. INESC's Board of Directors was completed with two other new members, Luciano Tavares, representing the associated Portugal Telecom, who is in charge of the Administrative area of Oporto, and Agostinho Santos Silva, specialist in postal automation and information systems, representing the Portuguese Post Office.

CWI - Gerard van Oortmerssen, General Director of CWI, has succeeded Alain Bensoussan as vice-president of ERCIM. Van Oortmerssen came to CWI in 1991 from the Dutch Maritime Research Institute MARIN, where he headed the R&D division. Initially he filled the position of managing director. After the retirement in 1994 of Cor Baayen, CWI's scientific director and first president of ERCIM, Van Oortmerssen was appointed general director.

CNUCE-CNR - Luca Simoncini has been appointed as the new director of CNUCE-CNR, Pisa. For Prof Simoncini, who holds a Chair in Fundamentals of Computer Science at the department of Computer Engineering, Pisa University, this is a return to CNR after 10 years full-time at the University. Prof Simoncini's main research interests are in dependable and fault-tolerant computing, system design for critical applications and design environments.

CLRC - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory has held a second meeting of its Internet Club (see ERCIM News 24 page 13). Whereas the first meeting concentrated on technical issues associated with access, browsers and mail clients, this meeting covered the topic of how the member companies could make best use of the WWW for enhancing their business prospects. Dr Keith Jeffery gave a talk on new and planned Web facilities whilst Dr Tim Pett reported on the SMEs Forum held at the Fifth International WWW Conference in Paris. There followed a useful discussion session during which the company representatives were able to explore their concerns and requirements with RAL staff. Although this Club was set up initially for a trial period of one year, it is clear that the members feel it has been very useful and would like to see it continue.

GMD - Achim Sydow, researcher in GMD's Institute for Computer Systems and Software Technology, has been appointed Consulting Editor of the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems for the field of General Systems Modelling and Simulation with Application to Environmental Systems. The publication is planned as encyclopedia comprising more than fifty volumes and encompassing knowledge from research, technology and management aiming at preserving and providing the natural resources such as water, energy, environment, food as well as from agriculture. Achim Sydow will be supported by an Editorial Board consisting of fifteen researchers from the United States, various EU member states and Russia. Editor-in-Chief is Prof. Dr. Darwish M.K. Al Gobaisi. Ten Novel prize winners and a great number of presidents of US American and Japanese universites will participate in advisory committees. Several thousand authors will be involved in this project.

CWI - L.A.A.M. Coolen, General Director of KPN Research (KPN is the Royal Dutch PTT Company) was appointed chairman of SMC's new Managing Board, which replaces the old Board of Trustees. This followed a reorganization in May, in which SMC's National Activities in Mathematics (research projects carried out at universities and administered by SMC) now come under a separate foundation SWON. CWI is SMC's research institute.

GMD - Saso Dzeroski, ERCIM Fellow 1995, was awarded the Jozef Stefan Golden Medal on 20th March 1996 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for his doctoral dissertation 'Numerical constraints and learnability in inductive logic programming'. The Jozef Stefan Golden Medal is the only dissertation prize in Slovenia and is awarded yearly since 1992 for dissertations in the areas of natural and technical sciences defended in Slovenia. Saso Dzeroski was an ERCIM Fellow at GMD-Institute for Applied Information Technology from 1st May 1995 to 30th April 1996, and at FORTH-Institute of Computer Science from 1st May 1996 to 30th October 1996. At GMD, he worked with Dr. Stefan Wrobel and the machine learning group on further development of the formalization of learning in first-order logic, as well as on practical applications of machine learning and inductive logic programming for knowledge discovery in pharmaceutical databases. At FORTH, Dzeroski will work with Prof. Vassilis Moustakis, mainly on practical applications of machine learning and inductive logic programming to knowledge discovery in databases.

GMD - Radu Popescu-Zeletin, Director of GMD's Institute for Open Communication Systems, has been awarded the honory degree of doctor by the University of Bucharest. Popescu-Zeletin, who also teaches at the Computer Science Department of the Technical University Berlin, received this award at the Rumanian "Politehnica" in Bucharest on February 19, 1996 for his research work in the field of communication technology where he acquired international reputation in the area of open communication systems. By this award the University of Bucharest honours one of its former graduates.

CWI - Michiel Hazewinkel was appointed chairman of the Dutch Mathematical Society. This happened at the annual congress of Dutch mathematicians, held this time in Antwerp, Belgium, and organized jointly with the Belgian and American Mathematical Societies. Hazewinkel is head of CWI's department of Analysis, Algebra and Geometry and is, among other things, actively involved in ERCIM's Digital Library Initiative.

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