ERCIM News No.25 - April 1996

The ERCIM World Wide Web Working Group W4G

Steven Pemberton

The ERCIM World Wide Web Working Group, or W4G as it is called within the group, has been active since the end of 1994.

The formation of the group was prompted by the formation of the World Wide Web Organisation (W3O) and Consortium (W3C) being led (then) by CERN and MIT. Recently the European side has been taken on by INRIA, moving ERCIM even closer to the centre of developments. The World Wide Web Consortium - modelled on the successful X Consortium at MIT - is intended to gather and lead further developments of the Web, by developing standards and model code.

W4G aims to bring together European researchers working with the Web, to feed into the wider international developments based around W3C, and particularly to support the activities at the INRIA site of W3C. To this end, ERCIM has earmarked mobility funds to allow researchers to join the team there for short periods.

The World Wide Web is in a very dynamic period: its immense success has directed many groups to experiments and research in the area. Consequently it is a fast-moving area; for instance there have been up to now two international World Wide Web conferences per year!

As a consequence, we organise two workshops per year, timed to fall between the two international conferences, as well as organise birds-of-a-feather groups and other activities at the conferences themselves. We are also involved with the organisation of the next WWW Conference, to be held in Paris in May.

We have had to date five workshops:

For more information, and reports on the workshops, there is a WWW source for information at There is also a mailing list where activities are announced and discussed; to join send email to

Please contact:
Steven Pemberton - Chair, ERCIM W4G-CWI
Tel: +31 20 592 9333

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