ERCIM News No.25 - April 1996 - SINTEF

World Wide Web activities at SINTEF Telecom and Informatics

by Erik G Nilsson and Odd-Wiking Rahlff

The focus of SINTEF Telecom and Informatics is on the transformation from data to presentation, as a means for the user to obtain the desired information. Regarding the WWW, this implies an approach where we look upon the web as one of a number of ways to present information and make a clear distinction between the data and their presentation. We also work on methods to gather and restructure data in order to make the web-presentation more easily accomplished.

An Internet user has access to huge amounts of data. If all these data are to become useful information for the user, he needs different aids. Today, the most common means for filtering the "right" information from the Internet, is different search tools (like Lycos, WebCrawler and Alta Vista). However, with the enormous amount of information on the Internet, such tools become inadequate. Instead, we want to give the user the means for making the information "search" for him. To make this possible, we carry out work on intelligent agents, and on mechanisms for enabling the WWW to gain more knowledge about its users, and for the users to know more about the information.

When presenting information through the web, one usually has to choose between having an advanced and appealing presentation isolated from the corresponding data source (and thus not updated regularly), or having a rather dull presentation which always reflects updated data from some existing data source. To combine the strength of the two approaches, we work on conceptual modelling techniques, making it possible to specify both an advanced presentation, as well as the source connection in an abstract manner. Such conceptual techniques will also make it easier to provide advanced presentations that are not tailored to specific WWW clients (eg browsers).

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