ERCIM News No.25 - April 1996 - CRCIM

Web Activities within the Czech Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics

by Jana Kohoutkova

As the newest member of ERCIM, and not even yet officially signed up, CRCIM (Czech Research Consortium in Informatics and Mathematics) is still drawing together the activities of the four constituent institutions. However, one of them, Masaryk University at Brno, has been using WWW technology for some time to inform users of its facilities ranging from curriculae and entry procedures for students to the university through to a description of the supercomputing centre.

One particular activity of interest is that the Newsletter of the Computer Science Institute "Zpravodaj" is published not only in paper form (where LaTeX has been used for years to produce a high-quality product) but also on WWW, thus enriching the hitherto provided information with additional navigational and searching mechanisms. This project was designed to utilise emerging skills in the hyperlinked multimedia team also demonstrated in other internal and external projects including the EC Copernicus funded project CP94-0943 Hypermedata for the hyperlinked multimedia representation and data exchange of heterogeneous clinical patient records.

"Zpravodaj" can be found at:

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