ERCIM News No.24 - January 1996

Partial Differential Equations, Group Theory and Variational Calculus

With applications to computer algebra, engineering sciences and mathematical physics

INRIA Rocquencourt, France, 1 - 5 April 1996

In line with previous held successfully held courses at INRIA in 1990, GMD in 1992, CWI in 1993 and GMD in 1994 this course will be held at INRIA on April 1-5, 1996. The lectures and the content have been modified in order to focus on the latest developments of variational calculus and its application.

As a basic motivation of organizing such a course, we must notice that the wide-spreading importance of computer algebra today hides the fact that most of the algorithms concerning PDE only use mathematics that were in fashion 50 years ago. Indeed, the formal theory of PDE and groups of transformations has been created and studied during the years 1960-1975 by D.C. Spencer in the USA. However though this work supersedes the classical approaches (Maurice Janet, Elie Cartan) it is still largely unknown by mathematicians and has never been applied. Meanwhile, most of the applied mathematics community is mot aware of the corresponding developments of variational calculus brought by jet theory and group theory during the last 20 years.

Therefore, the purpose of the course is to give a self-contained introduction at a graduate level, to these new tools, while illustrating them with specific examples coming from various branches of engineering sciences or applied mathematics.

In particular the course will present for the first time the group theoretical unification of the mathematical models of elasticity, heat and electromagnetism, moving for a unique finite element formulation. It will also be present for the first time an intrusive approach to control theory for PDE within this new framework. The complete programme is available on this server.

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