ERCIM News No.24 - January 1996 - CNR

Computer Science Methods and Technologies applied to the Italian Public Administration

by Ivo De Lotto

New information technologies are playing an important role in modernising and rationalising processes and activities in the public administration, both at central and local levels.

The Italian Research Council (CNR) has set up a "strategic research project" to study information science methods and technologies for managing, controlling and automatizing activities of the public administration. The project received funding in 1995 for the first phase. The goal of this initial phase is to conduct feasibility studies on five application areas by Spring 1996. The areas have been chosen with the aid of the Italian Authority for information systems in Public Administration (AIPA). The feasibility studies are being prepared in cooperation with qualified representatives of local and central government.

The five areas regard:

The best proposals made by these feasibility studies will be chosen and developed in 1996 and 1997. A number of prototypes will be implemented and tested in selected central and/or local government sites. The choice of the most appropriate proposals will be made in cooperation with AIPA and with representatives of the public administration.

The project has limited funding and aims simply at demonstrating the usefulness of new information technologies in state administrative activities, at highlighting problems and offering solutions that benefit from technological innovations. It also intends to provide a few practical examples of running applications.

Six CNR institutes and twelve universities are participating in the project. The latter are all members of CINI, the national consortium of universities for computer science research promotion and coordination.

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