ERCIM News No.23 - October 1995 - GMD

Quality and Productivity Improvement by Application of Quality and Process Modelling

by Dieter Welzel

As software system engineering is, compared to other engineering rather young, mature, certified quality management systems (QMS) as well as product assessment procedures are not widely available in IT industry. On the other hand QMS's conform to sector specific regulations or international standard (e.g. ISO 9000)will be required for IT departments, IT suppliers, and software houses or system companies. GMD conducts research and distribution actions to introduce and to improve QMS on the basis of well-defined process assessment procedures and together with product evaluation and certification techniques.

For product assessment standardised quality criteria (e.g. ISO 9126) have to be considered. Process standards, such as ISO 9000 for QMS, have to be applied to assess maturity and capabilities of companies and projects. Today many companies must reorganise software development activities to meet those regulations and standards.

With regard to software system engineering within a project, the following aspects need to be considered:

These company and project specific process improvements are managed by the rule-driven system ProcePT (Process Programming and Testing). It is complemented by HAWE, our standardised product assessment and certification method (c.f. ISO 14598). HAWE comprises:

Strategy for initiation and improvement of Quality Assurance

The experience gained using HAWE and well-defined software process models has been made available to several European technology transfer initiatives.

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