ERCIM News No.23 - October 1995 - SICS

PRODEVO for Development Process Improvement

by Lars Bergman

PRODEVO is the name of a measurement instrument and an application procedure developed in SISU (Swedish Institute for Systems Developement) which aims at improving product/service development processes where IT plays a considerable role. To date it has been tested in two software development organizations.

The instrument consists in a questionnaire which is based on the concept of best practice in integrated product and process development. The model considers development practice, the working climate especially visavis creativity and innovation, and organizational values that regard development. Thus the application of the method and the instrument considers cultural factors that enable or resist changes in working practice. Practice in product and process development is also considered.

As the method is based on a questionnaire technique, its application can be made very cost effective and can cover organizations ranging from rather small to very large. As it considers cultural factors, one of the current applications is testing on cross national development organizations. PRODEVO is intended to be useful as a stand alone improvement tool as well as to be used as a complement to other process improvement methods.

Please contact
Lars Bergman - SISU
Tel: +46 8 752 1613
or Sten-Erik Ohlund - ASLAB, IDA, Linköpings Universitet
Tel: +46 8 752 1623

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