ERCIM News No.23 - October '95 - INRIA

INRIA and OST Construct an ATM-based Distributed Platform

by Michel Banâtre

The tremendous advances in microprocessor technology and communication systems leave little doubt as to the rapid emergence of new expandable distributed architectures, the capacities of which will increase with the number of units. These new architectures are aimed at improving traditional distributed applications such as client-server, tele-banking, video on demand, etc. as well as parallel applications requiring enormous computational capacity, like multimedia applications.

INRIA SOLIDOR research group is associating with OST company in order to develop a platform aimed at the experimentation of these emerging distributed systems and applications in a nearly full scale architecture. This platform is based on the ATM network technology and high performance PC workstations.

OST is a 400 persons company located in Rennes which is specialised in the development of inovative network equipments. OST is contributing its industrial know-how essentially in terms of the design and construction of the ATM switches used to support the distributed platform.

For its part, The SOLIDOR group located at IRISA Research center in Rennes will handle the design and construction of the platform operating system based on CHORUS, as well as testing the hight speed network solutions proposed by OST.

By joining forces in this way, in a field where the standards are in constant evolution, the Institute intends to put its research into practice through this industrial cooperation.

Please contact:
Michel Banâtre - INRIA-IRISA
Tel: +33 99 84 72 85

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