ERCIM News No.23 - October 1995

It's time to do it again...

Back in 1992 (May 21-22), the CNR organised a memorable ERCIM Workshop on "Software Quality Principles and Techniques", that took place at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Pisa. There 55 attendees from 7 countries (by that time ERCIM had only 8 partners) actively participated in four sessions named (1) Models, (2) Techniques, (3) Metrics and (4) Formal Methods for Quality. Those who have been there, have surely retained in memory an interesting and well-organised program (14 papers plus a final panel) and an unforgettable banquet outside Pisa.

Now that 3 years have gone by, it's about time to start organising the "2nd ERCIM Workshop on Software Quality Principles and Techniques" to share recent past experiences and new insights and try to launch some cooperative projects. The UK, home of the biggest foreign delegation in the Pisa Workshop and of important Software Quality promotion initiatives like the TickIT one, seems to be a good candidate as a venue !

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