ERCIM News No.21 - April 1995 - INRIA

Elieser - a New Remote Sensing Product

by Josiane Zerubia

ELIESER is a semi-automatic, specialized remote sensing software, for detecting complex networks, such as roads in urban areas, or watersheds in rural areas.

ELIESER has been jointly developed by Josiane Zerubia at INRIA Sophia Antipolis, and Nicolas Merlet at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In comparison to classical algorithms, such as those of Fischler or Martelli, ELIESER uses a new mathematical model which takes into account the grey level and the contrast in the image. ELIESER's innovative feature is in its use of a curvature parameter for detecting structures being investigated. This is a reliable algorithm, providing a high-performance tool in the area of cartography and geology. Another possible application could be Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Two industrial transfer contracts have already been signed. The first one is with CNES (the French Space Agency), who will test ELIESER on panchromatic images supplied by SPOT satellite, with a resolution of 10m per pixel. The second one is with ACRI company, for processing SPOT images. The software transfer will take place in the first half of 1995.

During the period of 1991-1995, this research has partially been funded by AFIRST (the Franco-Israeli Association for Scientific and Technical Research). Outcomes of this first cooperative effort and the resulting publications are indeed very much promising. Moreover, the super-resolution research project, which is another area of collaboration between these two laboratories, should lead to futher industrial transfers in a forseeable future.

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