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Internal news bulletin July 2009

ERCIM Brussels Office is up & running... for you!

The ERCIM Office in Brussels opened end of 2008 and is now fully operational. Beyond a working space for 3 people, equipped with Wifi, printer, copy, coffee and cookies (real ones, not virtual...), it offers two meeting rooms, one up to 8 people, and the large one up to 15 people.

The office is located in central Brussels and is the ideal place for your project meetings, re-hearsal of review meetings, preparing hearings, consortium set-up...

The meeting rooms are available free of charge for every ERCIM member, but pre-reservation should be done to ensure availability.

For information relative to the ERCIM Office in Brussels, contact Pierre Guisset (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).