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Internal news bulletin July 2009

From the President

ERCIM has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary: details of the website with all the information about the event is presented below. Reaching 20 years of cooperating for excellence in IT and Applied Mathematics is a significant milestone and a time to reflect on past success and simultaneously plan for the future with both predictions of future challenges and plans for meeting them. Indeed the Strategy Task Group of the ERCIM Board of Directors is considering various radical futures and in September we will meet with our external advisory committee to take this work forward.

Various ERCIM Working Groups are very active in putting together project proposals to support joint working with partners in industry and academia from countries coordinated via the ERCIM member in that country. The skills and experience of the ERCIM Office will be deployed to coordinate and manage the ERCIM proposals.

Meantime the second edition of ERCIM Innovation (magazine) is being prepared and there is significant activity among ERCIM members in innovation. Plans for the next Infinity Initiative Seminar with ETSI have commenced, as has planning for our next Strategic Seminar aimed at industry.

ERCIM News continues as our flagship publication with exciting topics: the current issue is particularly relevant covering financial mathematics. It contains some articles which should assist everyone in understanding the recent credit crunch and consequent recession.

ERCIM continues its vibrant life thanks to the enthusiasm of the researchers supported by the ERCIM Office.