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1st BELIEF II & CASPAR Brainstorming Workshop

6 & 7 April 2009 - Athens, Greece
Sustainable e-Infrastructures: Challenges in Data Provenance and Authenticity

[BELIEF and CASPAR, supported in particular by CNR, are European projects involving many organisations which were partners of the DELOS Network of Excellence managed by ERCIM.]

"The BELIEF-II Brainstorming workshops are strongly connected with the eConcertation
events. In particular, the rationale behind the organisation of these workshops is to
concentrate on and analyse particular aspects of the output from the eConcertation meetings
of European Commission - DG INFSO/F3 GÉANT & e-Infrastructure Unit, thus achieving the
transition from a more generic framework to a more specific discussion."

Today's e-Infrastructures provide online scientific communities with a viable means for large-scale,
cross-domain collaboration, leveraged by their inherent ability to store and efficiently share huge
volumes of distributed resources and data. In this context of global computing and integration, where
new data sets are derived out of existing information at high rates, either manually or automatically,
significant challenges are posed to the management, semantics assessment, and quality assertion of
the shared data objects.

Data provenance provides a way to address the aforementioned challenges by enabling stakeholders to
track down the origins of data, specify their purposes and explain their semantics. Moreover, when used
together with interoperability, provenance facilitates data re-use and sharing, permits data to be
discovered in context and allows their aggregation. Indeed, data provenance is of considerable value for
all users, especially for scientists, and, to date, a number of provenance systems are already applied to
various scientific domains, supporting data management in many ways.
This first BELIEF II Brainstorming workshop, which will be held in Athens 6th and 7th April in
collaboration with CASPAR Project, will tackle the topic of Data Provenance. This was one of the most
important outcomes of the 6th eConcertation meeting co-organised by the European Commission - DG
INFSO/F3 GÉANT & e-Infrastructure Unit with the support of the BELIEF-II project, which took place on
the 24th of November 2008 in Lyon, France.
The joint BELIEF II & CASPAR Brainstorming workshop will consist of a mixture of presentations and
discussions addressing several aspects around Provenance of Scientific Data: Authentication,
Annotation, Archiving, etc. The workshop aims to tackle the issues above by bringing together
participants from several disciplines and with different background and roles - scientists, end-users,
librarians. The output of the workshop will be a report which intends to contribute to the drafting of the
research agenda on the issues related to data provenance and standardization in e-Infrastructures.

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