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From the President

This is the first issue of the Internal News Bulletin (INB) aimed for wide distribution in the ERCIM community; previously it was restricted to Directors, Executive Committee, Task Groups and Working Groups. I hope this wider circulation helps to keep the ERCIM family intercommunicating even better than before.

The content is testament to ERCIM's continuing evolution; with an office in Brussels and a strong presence at ICT2008, ERCIM is becoming more visible at European level. I had a very successful short meeting with Commissioner Verheugen at Sophia Antipolis and he is extremely interested in ERCIM's approach to innovation in ICT and Applied Mathematics. The launch of the ERCIM Innovation magazine gives everyone notice of our intentions in that direction while ongoing discussions with potential new members (specifically Slovenia and Cyprus) indicates that ERCIM is very much an attractive proposition from an outside point of view.

Our relationships with the EC continue to improve; we have many contacts with EC officials both from the ERCIM Office and from project leaders. I am currently leading for the EC an expert group on Professional Societies in ICT in Europe. I have just attended the European Conference on Research Infrastructures (ECRI) in Versailles where I spoke on e-infrastructure; this is increasingly being seen by all - but especially the EC - as the key to the knowledge society. There are opportunities for ERCIM to team up with large research organisations in Europe, especially with our Working Groups (WGs) on GRIDS/P2P/SOA, Data and Information Spaces, Trust and Security and SERENE (although other WGs are also relevant). Similarly, there are opportunities for ERCIM to strengthen the existing relationship with euroCRIS ( which has standardised CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) and CERIF is increasingly used in research-funding and research-performing organisations. ERCIM already has a policy on open access to research information but we could usefully cooperate with the PARS Alliance (Alliance for Permanent Access to the Records of Science) whose members work on digital preservation and curation.

The Autumn meeting of the BoD in Porto was a special occasion as our hosts rejoined ERCIM after an absence of some years. For me personally it was an honour to be re-elected for another two years. As we approach the festive season, I wish all readers a period of peace and recuperation at this special time.

News from the ERCIM Office

Opening of the ERCIM Office in Brussels

ERCIM opened an office in Brussels in December 2008. As requested by the Board of Directors, this will enable ERCIM to strengthen its links with European Commission key players.

The new office is ideally located within the premises of our Italian member, CNR, in B-1050 Brussels, rue du Trône 98, right in the centre of the European quarter. ERCIM is now able to offer a hosting environment for ERCIM staff and ERCIM project meetings in Brussels. The office is headed by Pierre Guisset, formerly head of CETIC.

Should Directors, Execom Members, Task Groups or Working Groups intend to use the services of the ERCIM Office in Brussels, please contact Pierre at +322 290 2285 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The FET Coordination Action "Interlink - International Cooperation Activities in Future and Emerging ICTs" held its Consolidation Workshop Nov. 12-14 in Cannes. The workshop brought together more than 60 participants from many corners of the globe in order to discuss the long-term research proposals of the three Working Groups on "Software-Intensive Systems and New Computing Paradigms", "Ambient Computing and Communication Environments" and, "Intelligent and Cognitive Systems", as well as the cross-thematic challenges. The workshop also featured four plenary talks by Joseph Sifakis (ACM Turing Award Winner for 2007), Stefan Jaehnichen (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft), Ted Selker (MIT) and Henrik Christensen (Georgia Tech). Interlink will seek to hold its main dissemination event during the FET Conference in Prague, April 21-23 2009.

Palette - Pedagogically sustained Adaptative LEarning Through the
exploitation of Tacit and Explicit knowledge

As the project comes to its end, several dissemination actions were or will be undertaken. On 18-20 November 2008, the University of Tlemcen held the International workshop EACP'08 "Learning Environment for Communities of Practice (CoPs)" which contribute to the PALETTE research dissemination in the South Mediterranean Countries.
On 15 January 2009, the project will organise a workshop in Lausanne dedicated to CoPs. The aim of this workshop is to explain to CoPs' members how PALETTE could provide them with a range of services based on the adoption of a participatory design method: designed/adapted to answer their needs; emphasising the benefits to be taken, in practice, from combining them through scenarios of use sustained by LOR (Learning and Organisational Resources).

Vitalas - Video and image Indexing and reTrievAl in the LArge Scale

The first release of the VITALAS system, which enables cross-media search (combining semantic search, textual and visual concepts search, and visual similarity search) on a corpus of 10,000 annotated images provided by the Belgian news agency Belga, has been presented to a large audience during the NEM (Networked and Electronic Media) Summit, St Malo, France, 13-15 October 2008 and the ICT'08 event in Lyon, France, 25-27 November 2008.
The next release of the prototype, VITALAS V2, available in February 2009, will integrate text, video and audio modules. This version will enable audio queries and visual queries, analyse of non-textual content in such a manner that textual annotation from audio and visual content analysis can be automatically predicted and generated.
The first Scientific Advisory Board meeting, to be held on 21 January 2009, will be the opportunity to present the latest research achievements of the project to a panel of external experts in computer science, signal analysis, human computer interaction, video and image search and retrieval.

News from the Editorial Board

The upcoming January issue (No. 76) is about to be published and features a special theme on "Sensor-Web".

Future issues planned:
April 2009 (No. 77), with a special theme on "Future Internet Technology"
July 2009 (No. 78), with a special theme on "Mathematics for Economy and Finance"

News from the Public Relations Task Group

ERCIM had a major presence at ICT 2008 in Lyon, France, on 25-27 November. This event, organised by the EC Information Society and Media DG, attracted over 4,500 delegates and presented Europe's priorities for ICT research, development and funding.
ERCIM was present on its own booth and on the stands of the European projects Vitalas, EchoGRID/GridCOMP, EuroIndia, and Digital World Forum. 'Networking Sessions' were held for InterLink, EchoGRID and EuroIndia.
The new publication ERCIM Innovation was successfully launched during the ERCIM cocktail reception attended by over 190 people, incl. 30 EC representatives. The magazine is available for download in pdf. Printed copies are being distributed to 9,000 people throughout Europe.
A press release on ERCIM new scope and structure was published on the event's website

ERCIM, together with INRIA Transfert, had a private meeting in Sophia Antipolis with Günter Verheugen, VP of the EC and Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry, during the 'Towards World Class Clusters' event organised by the French Presidency of the European Union on 13-14 November in Sophia Antipolis. Commissioner Verheugen was very interested in our positioning as a 'European network of research' becoming also a 'European network of innovation' and invited us to a working session on innovation to be organised by his DG in Brussels for a small number of selected participants.

New key messages were developed for ERCIM and a new set of slides was produced to complement the current slide presentation. Already shown at a couple of events on the ERCIM stand, it is available under 'Slides' at

As a reminder:

  • the 20th anniversary of ERCIM will be held in Paris on Thursday 28 May 2009 afternoon and evening. The BoD meeting will take place on 28 am and 29 am, while Working Groups and Task Groups will be able to meet on 27, 28 am and 29.
  • You are all invited to contribute to the ERCIM history document available on the wiki at
    If you haven't received a login and password, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(ERCIM-sponsored) Events

ERCIM/W3C was present with a booth at:

and will sponsor:

To increase the visibility of ERCIM, the member institutes organising big events are encouraged to associate ERCIM to their events.

Shared Calendar

The Office maintains an internal calendar with all ERCIM-related events (general ERCIM meetings, WG events, sponsored events, etc.) at
accessible from the ERCIM home page "Intranet -> Shared calendar" (BSCW account needed for access).

Press Activities

News from the Working Groups

Data and Information Spaces

18 September, 2009 was the kick-off date for the new ERCIM Working Group on Data and Information Spaces (DIS). The objective of DIS is to build a strong network of researchers in the fields of information repositories and digital libraries and their interoperation.

DIS will focus on issues relating to digital libraries, and the storage, preservation and curation of all types of data, including primary and scientific data. Intelligent information management and interoperability and scalability will be addressed. The development of methods and tools to make digital, cultural and scientific content available, searchable and accessible to all kinds of users is of special interest.

Eleven ERCIM organisations have registered for the WG, suggesting the topic is relevant and timely for ERCIM members. At the kick-off meeting, eight organisations were represented by thirteen individuals. Among the issues discussed was the name of the WG. It was decided to change it from Working Group on Digital Libraries to Working Group on Data and Information Spaces, DIS. A draft of the work program for the two years was discussed. The WG intends to initiate research projects in areas that are of interest to its members, to arrange workshops and to encourage exchange of researchers and students.

The next meeting is the open Workshop that will take place in Paris on 27 May, 2009 in conjunction with ERCIM’s 20th anniversary meeting.

ERCIM Working Groups are open to any researcher in the specific scientific field. Scientists interested in participating in the ERCIM DIS Working Group should contact the coordinator Ingeborg Torvik Sølvberg This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dependable Embedded Software-Intensive Systems

The DES WG organized a full day ERCIM Workshop at SAFECOMP 2008 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, on 25 September 2008, together with the EU projects MOGENTES and COOPERS, and the DECOS Interest Group.

The SAFECOMP workshop was sponsored by European projects, so participation was free for attendees and speakers. Papers and presentations will be published as ERCIM proceedings. Topics included:

  • Design of dependable networked embedded real-time systems (RT systems, Time management unit, WCET)
  • Validation and verification of such systems (test bench, safety case, test case generation for efficient tests)
  • Sensor networks for security applications
  • Co-operative networked systems to achieve road safety (with two-projector demo movie).

ERCIM News 75 with the special theme "Safety Critical Software" was supported and many articles provided by the DES WG together with the ERCIM WG on Formal Methods in Industry.

The DES WG plans a joint WG meeting with the WG on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems during the ERCIM anniversary event in May 2009. Special sessions are planned again at the Euromicro 2009, SAFECOMP 2009 and INDIN 2009 conferences.

Environmental Modelling

Within the International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs2008), a session on "Environmental modelling applications towards quality of life information services" was organised, supported by COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) action ES0602 (, and with the participation of the ERCIM Working Group on Environmental Modelling. iEMS 2008 ( was held at the Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Catalonia, from 6-10 July 2008, and attracted hundreds of participants. The session chair was Dr. Kostas Karatzas, vice chairman of COST Action ES0602, member of the ERCIM Working Group on Environmental Modelling, and chairman of the 14th Working Group workshop that was held in Thessaloniki one year ago. The iEMSs session attracted a number of very interesting scientific contributions, and enhanced the synergies between COST actions, ERCIM, and scientists who are not members of either initiatives (Presentations given at the session are available for download at
On this basis, the event was proven to be very successful, and fostered future scientific and R&D collaborations.

Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems

Alessandro Fantechi from Universita' degli Studi di Firenze, Italy, took over the chairmanship of the FMICS Working Group on 1 November. He succeeds Pedro Merino who chaired the group for three years from November 2005 to November 2008.


Security and Trust Management

The STM-WG contributed to the EC-ERCIM strategic Seminar on "Engineering Secure Complex Software Systems and Services", Brussels, 16 October, 2008, in cooperation with the ERCIM Strategic Seminar Task Group (Dimitris Plexousakis).
Presentations are available online. An executive summary will be published in ERCIM News and the full report will be available in electronic format at:

Software Engineering for Resilient Systems

The first workshop of the ERCIM Working Group on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems (SERENE) was held in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, from 17-19 November 2008.

The SERENE series of workshops, organised by the ERCIM working group SERENE, is an international forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the advances in Software Engineering for Resilient Systems. SERENE 2008 was held in cooperation with ACM SIGSOFT and was attended by 42 participants. The technical programme contained two invited talks, three technical papers sessions, two PhD forum sessions, a project session and an experience/industry session. The workshop organisers received 23 submissions (thirteen technical, three industry, five PhD, two projects), 17 of which were accepted for presentation (seven technical, three industry, five PhD, and two projects). All papers have been peer-reviewed by at least three members of the program committee.

The first invited talk entitled “System Complexity, Dependability and Failures” was given by Brian Randell from Newcastle University, UK. The second invited talk “Challenges and Results in Component Quality Certification” was delivered by Ralf Reussner from Universität Karlsruhe, Germany.

Organisation of such a workshop represents a big challenge. We would like to acknowledge help of the program committee members, the additional referees, the organisation committee members, as well as the support of the scientific, technical and administrative staff of Newcastle University, UK.

The workshop proceedings, ISBN 978-1-60558-275-7, are included in the ACM Digital Library.

SERENE 2008 was supported by ERCIM (European Research Consortium in Informatics and Mathematics), FNR (Luxembourg National Research Fund), ICT FP7 DEPLOY IP (on Industrial Deployment of System Engineering Methods Providing High Dependability and Productivity), LASSY (Laboratory for Advanced Software Systems, University of Luxembourg), School of Computing Science, Newcastle University and ICT FP6 ReSIST NoE (Resilience for Survivability in IST).

News from W3C

W3C Helps Authors Go Mobile

W3C makes it easier to create content that will improve the user experience on a broad range of devices. The W3C mobileOK checker provides feedback on whether content is "mobileOK" and is based on the W3C Recommendation mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0.
Read the press release:
and try the mobileOK checker on your Web content:

Sponsor the W3C Social Networks workshop!

This event, to be held 15-16 January 2009 in Barcelona, is attracting a lot of attention, with more than 70 position papers submitted so far. Be part of this exciting workshop! W3C offers a wide range of benefits and one of them is great visibility of your business. Choose your level of participation and have your organisation’s logo displayed on the W3C home page (300 000 page views per day!) and/or the W3C Mobile Web Initiative Web page, and many more.
Sponsorship program:
W3C Social networks workshop:

SMIL 3.0 Advances Standard for Synchronized Multimedia

W3C announced a new standard to make it easier to author interactive multimedia presentations. Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 3.0) allows video, audio, images, text, and hypertext links to be combined into interactive presentations, with fine-grain control of layout and timing.

Read the full press release:
and the member testimonials from  ACCESS | CWI | Daisy Consortium | IBM | INRIA | IWA/HWG  | Nokia | PUC-Rio | RealNetworks | University of Oviedo:

Call for Participation: Workshop in Mozambique Continues W3C Focus on Mobile Technologies in Fostering Development

W3C announced a Workshop on Africa Perspective on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social and Economic Development, April 1-2 2009, in Maputo, Mozambique. The Workshop is open to the public.

You may also become a Workshop Sponsor to help support the participation of those with expertise who might not otherwise be able to attend due to travel or other costs. The Workshop is organised as part of the Digital World Forum project (European Union's FP7).

Africa MW4D workshop:

DWF was there, at ICT 2008!

The Digital World Forum EU project staffed a booth in the International Village of ICT 2008. We issued a press release announcing the Maputo workshop on the 1st day, and welcomed a flurry of visitors during the whole event.
Digital World Forum EU project:
DWF at booth D06:
25 Nov. press release:

W3C Talks

Browse W3C presentations and events at

Next ERCIM meetings

April 16-17, 2009 - ERCIM Executive Committee and Task Group meetings in Budapest
May 28-29, 2009 - ERCIM spring meetings (BoD 28am and 29am) and 20th anniversary event (Thursday 28pm) in Paris.