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News from the ERCIM Office

Opening of the ERCIM Office in Brussels

ERCIM opened an office in Brussels in December 2008. As requested by the Board of Directors, this will enable ERCIM to strengthen its links with European Commission key players.

The new office is ideally located within the premises of our Italian member, CNR, in B-1050 Brussels, rue du Trône 98, right in the centre of the European quarter. ERCIM is now able to offer a hosting environment for ERCIM staff and ERCIM project meetings in Brussels. The office is headed by Pierre Guisset, formerly head of CETIC.

Should Directors, Execom Members, Task Groups or Working Groups intend to use the services of the ERCIM Office in Brussels, please contact Pierre at +322 290 2285 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The FET Coordination Action "Interlink - International Cooperation Activities in Future and Emerging ICTs" held its Consolidation Workshop Nov. 12-14 in Cannes. The workshop brought together more than 60 participants from many corners of the globe in order to discuss the long-term research proposals of the three Working Groups on "Software-Intensive Systems and New Computing Paradigms", "Ambient Computing and Communication Environments" and, "Intelligent and Cognitive Systems", as well as the cross-thematic challenges. The workshop also featured four plenary talks by Joseph Sifakis (ACM Turing Award Winner for 2007), Stefan Jaehnichen (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft), Ted Selker (MIT) and Henrik Christensen (Georgia Tech). Interlink will seek to hold its main dissemination event during the FET Conference in Prague, April 21-23 2009.

Palette - Pedagogically sustained Adaptative LEarning Through the
exploitation of Tacit and Explicit knowledge

As the project comes to its end, several dissemination actions were or will be undertaken. On 18-20 November 2008, the University of Tlemcen held the International workshop EACP'08 "Learning Environment for Communities of Practice (CoPs)" which contribute to the PALETTE research dissemination in the South Mediterranean Countries.
On 15 January 2009, the project will organise a workshop in Lausanne dedicated to CoPs. The aim of this workshop is to explain to CoPs' members how PALETTE could provide them with a range of services based on the adoption of a participatory design method: designed/adapted to answer their needs; emphasising the benefits to be taken, in practice, from combining them through scenarios of use sustained by LOR (Learning and Organisational Resources).

Vitalas - Video and image Indexing and reTrievAl in the LArge Scale

The first release of the VITALAS system, which enables cross-media search (combining semantic search, textual and visual concepts search, and visual similarity search) on a corpus of 10,000 annotated images provided by the Belgian news agency Belga, has been presented to a large audience during the NEM (Networked and Electronic Media) Summit, St Malo, France, 13-15 October 2008 and the ICT'08 event in Lyon, France, 25-27 November 2008.
The next release of the prototype, VITALAS V2, available in February 2009, will integrate text, video and audio modules. This version will enable audio queries and visual queries, analyse of non-textual content in such a manner that textual annotation from audio and visual content analysis can be automatically predicted and generated.
The first Scientific Advisory Board meeting, to be held on 21 January 2009, will be the opportunity to present the latest research achievements of the project to a panel of external experts in computer science, signal analysis, human computer interaction, video and image search and retrieval.