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FMICS 2008: 13th International ERCIM Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems

The 13th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems, organised by the ERCIM Working Group on FMICS, took place on 15-16 September 2008, in L’Aquila, Italy, co-located with ASE 2008. The Program Chairs are Darren Cofer (Rockwell Collins, USA) and Alessandro Fantechi (University of Florence and ISTI-CNR, Italy).

According to Dr Pedro Merino, Chair of the ERCIM Working Group on FMICS, “The aim of the FMICS workshop series is to provide a forum for researchers who are interested in the development and application of formal methods and tools in industry”. In particular, these workshops are intended to bring together scientists and practitioners who are interested in exchanging their experiences in the industrial usage of formal methods.

Formal methods have been advocated as a means of increasing the reliability of systems, especially those which are safety or business critical, but the industrial uptake of such methods has been slow. This is due to the perceived difficulty of mathematical nature of these methods, the lack of tool support, and the lack of precedents where formal methods have proven to be effective. However, international standards for safety now recommend the use of such methodologies, especially for critical systems.

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