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ERCIM and Ideal-ist

ERCIM and Ideal-ist have established a cooperation to disseminate ICT partner searches with the objective to increase the participation of ERCIM member organisation in the European Unition's ICT Programme.

Ideal-ist is the first and unique quality labelled international ICT partner search network with 15 years experience. The network of Ideal-ist consists of 75 National Contact Points (NCP) in the area of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).

The objective of Ideal-ist is to facilitate the participation of all eligible organisations in the European Commission’s Information & Communication Technologies Theme in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), and probably in H2020 (the governance of H2020 is still under discussion at this time). Ideal-ist helps proposers to find the most appropriate partners for their ICT proposals. The Ideal-ist partner searches are rapidly disseminated via the Internet in a very efficient way.

Events Calendar

Calendar of Events and Conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics

To add a conference to this calendar, please send a request to
ERCIM reserves the right to reject or remove an entry at any moment without prior notice or justification.
Events (co-)organized or sponsored by ERCIM (also included here) are exclusively listed under "Forthcoming events"

9-11 February 2015 Angers, France 1st International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy - ICISSP 2015
March 11-14, 2015 Berlin 10th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications – VISAPP 2015
March 23-27, 2015 Arles, France IEEE VR 2015
April 16-17, 2015 Graz, Austria ASQT 2015 - 13th User Symposium on Software Quality, Test and Innovation co-located with ICST 2015, the 8th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation
April 28-30, 2015 Barcelona, Spain 1st International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management - GISTAM 2015
Mai 4-8, 2015 Zurich, Switzerland Eurographics 2015
Mai 13-15, 2015 Athens RCIS 2015 - IEEE Ninth International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science
Mai 13-15, 2015 Agadir, Morocco The International Conference on Networked Systems - NETYS 2015
Mai 16-24, 2015 Florence, Italy ICSE 2015 - 37th International Conference on Software Engineering
June 1-3, 2015 Reykjavik, Iceland ICCS 2015 - International Conference on Computational Science
June 22-23, 2015 Oslo ERCIM Working Group event
FMICS 2015 - 20th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems, co-located with with FM 2015: 20th International Symposium on Formal Methods
June 22-25, 2015 Hart House, University of Toronto Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2015)
June 22-26, 2015 Oslo 20th International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM2015)
June 24-26, 2015 Poznań, Poland Workshop on Privacy by Transparency in Data-Centric Services, in conjunction with BIS 2015 - 18th International Conference on Business Information Systems
July 13-17, 2015 Listvyanka (Lake Baikal), Russia The 10th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia (CSR 2015)
July 20-24, 2015 L'Auqila, Italy 9th International Conference on Tests AND Proofs (TAP 2015), part of STAF 2015
August 1-7, 2015 Berlin 25th International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE-25)
August 23-26, 2015 Tunis IAPR 13th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2015)
August 24-28, 2015 Toulouse, France The Fifth International Workshop on Resilience and IT-Risk in Social Infrastructures (RISI 2015) in conjunction with the 10th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2015)
August 24-28, 2015 Toulouse, France 10th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2015)
August 26-28, 2015 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal ERCIM Working Group event
Special Session "Teaching, Education and Training for Dependable Embedded and Cyberphysical Systems" at Euromicro DSD/SEAA
September 1-2, 2015 University of Malta 19th International Conference on Electronic Publishing - ElPub2015
September 6-8, 2015 Ghent, Belgium 27th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 27)
September 7-8, 2015 Paris ERCIM Working Group event
7th International Workshop on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems, in conjunction with EDCC, the European Dependable Computing Conference
September 22, 2015 Delft, The Netherlands ERCIM Working Group event
September 30-October 2, 2015 Trondheim, Norway ICEC 2015 - International Conference of Entertainment Computing
December 12-14, 2015 London ERCIM Working Group event
8th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on Computational and Methodological Statistics (CMStatistics 2015)


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