ERCIM Mobility Information

Are you looking for a mobility opportunity? In that case you will have to sort out matters such as finding a research project, finding funding, preparing your departure and cost distribution. Below are practical and useful information and Internet sites to help you to prepare your mobility project.

  1. Finding a research project
  2. Funding opportunities
  3. Preparing your departure
  4. Cost distribution information in between ERCIM Institutes

Find a research project

First look at the ERCIM Scientific fields of Competence to determine which ERCIM organization is active in your research field.
At the ERCIM job opportunities page you can find out if there are any positions available. Mobility is also possible through the ERCIM Fellowship Programme.

You can find general information and opportunities at the European Researcher's Mobility Portal.

If you find an interesting scientific field at one or two ERCIM Institutes but no job opportunity is available, you can try to find individual funding (see section 2).

Funding opportunities

Below is some information on sources of European individual funding but this is not exhaustive. Don't forget to look at a National level, there are also lots of funding possibilities.

Studying abroad:

Work placements Most of the other possibilities like the Networks of Excellence (NOE)  or Leonardo da Vinci Programme are organization bounded. You need to find a partner in between the ERCIM Institutes, University or Company.

Prepare your departure

EURAXESS, the European Network of Mobility for Researchers provides links to practical information and assistance.

Cost distribution

On the 29th of October 2001, the ERCIM Board of Directors has  agreed upon the following distribution of the various costs over the sending resp. receiving institute. This scheme is only an indication of cost distribution. Every single mobility issue has to be agreed upon by both the sending and receiving institute.

Type Duration Salary Tax / Insurance Travel Accomodation / Infrastructure
Introduction (rolling program / training) 1 week or less sending sending sending receiving
Facility exchanges (rolling program) 1 week or less sending sending sending receiving
Management traineeship upto 1 week sending sending sending sending
Research 1 week or less sending sending sending receiving
Research 1 week - 2 months sending sending sending receiving
Bilateral visits (Larrouturou proposal) 4 weeks - 12 weeks sending sending sending receiving
Summer internships 8 weeks - 12 weeks receiving receiving receiving receiving
Research projects 12 weeks - 6 months sending (recharge) sending (recharge) receiving receiving
Fellowship program 6 months - 18 months receiving receiving receiving receiving
Research program receiving receiving receiving> receiving
PhD program 18 months - 4 years recruitment by receiving >action organization - -


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