Forthcoming Events

Events (co-)organized or supported by ERCIM

for a (non-exhaustive) list of workshops and conferences related to IT and Applied Mathematics, see Calendar of Events and Conferences

May 5-6, 2015 Paris ERCIM spring meetings
June 22-23, 2015 Oslo ERCIM Working Group event
FMICS 2015 - 20th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems, co-located with with FM 2015: 20th International Symposium on Formal Methods
August 26-28, 2015 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal ERCIM Working Group event
Special Session "Teaching, Education and Training for Dependable Embedded and Cyberphysical Systems" at Euromicro DSD/SEAA
September 7-8, 2015 Paris ERCIM Working Group event
7th International Workshop on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems, in conjunction with EDCC, the European Dependable Computing Conference
September 22, 2015 Delft, The Netherlands ERCIM Working Group event
October 29-30, 2015 Prague ERCIM Working Group event
International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding (IWCIM), co-located with "Advanced Methods of Biological Data and Signal Processing (BIODAT)"
December 12-14, 2015 London ERCIM Working Group event
8th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on Computational and Methodological Statistics (CMStatistics 2015)