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Interlink Consolidation workshop in Cannes


Palais Stephanie

This international event will take place on 12-14 November 2008, in the city of Cannes, on the "French Croisette". The purpose of the InterLink initiative is to promote collaboration and partnerships between disciplines and institutions and among researchers world-wide, in a number of strategic research areas in Future and Emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The Interlink project gathers three working groups:

  • Software intensive systems and new computing paradigms: The InterLink working group 1 (WG1) is dealing with new developments and future research directions in the area of "Software-Intensive Systems and New Computing Paradigms". Our daily lives depend on a multitude of complex and software-intensive systems which are becoming increasingly distributed, heterogeneous, and decentralized. This trend will continue, while the need for quality of service, security, and trust will grow. This WG1 explores ensemble computing, new computing paradigms, engineering physical ensembles, and societal computing.

  • Ambient computing and communication environments: The InterLink Working Group 2 “Ambient Computing and Communication Environments” is concerned with identifying new challenges, developing a research agenda for future work and facilitating international collaboration in the thematic area briefly characterized as follows. The evolution towards a future information and knowledge society is characterized by the development of personalized individual, as well as collective, services that exploit new qualities of infrastructures situated in smart environments and based on a range of ubiquitous and pervasive communication networks providing ambient computing at multiple levels.

  • Intelligent and cognitive systems: The InterLink Working Group 3 is interested in “Intelligent and cognitive systems”. Cognitive systems should be able to interpret data arising from real-world events and processes, acquire situated knowledge of their environment, act, and make or suggest decisions and communicate with people on human terms. The design of cognitive artificial systems requires coordinated and integrated research efforts that span a wide range of disciplines such as learning theory, control theory, theoretical and computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence, human-machine-interaction, perception-action modelling, as well as planning and decision making.

Three international consolidation workshops (one per Thematic Area) will be held in parallel. The workshop participants will be asked to analyse the presented findings for scientific and technological validity, industrial and societal impact, and levels of payoff compared to potential risks. This will be an ideal opportunity for the identification of important issues that might have been overlooked.
Previous InterLink workshops lead to interesting discussions and insights which will, together with the results of this workshop, inform the European Commission's future research funding and international cooperation activities.

The registration to this event is closed. For further information concerning this topic, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NOTE: WG1 participants are invited to visit the working group's dedicated web pages concerning this event in Cannes: WG1 Web Pages.

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