Zurich Workshop


International Workshop
Intelligent and Cognitive Systems

The InterLink initiative is designed to promote collaboration and participation between disciplines and researchers worldwide. To this end, the working group on Intelligent and cognitive systems met on 15-16 November 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland.

In addition to the workshop, on 16-17 November 2007, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Zurich (led by Rolf Pfeifer)celebrated its 20th anniversary. Various events were organized: symposium, party and open house. In attendance of the symposium there was present Maggie Boden (the grand old lady of AI), Luc Steels, Norman Packard (chaos theory, artificial life, and artificial cells), and Simon Grand (from strategic entrepreneurship, applying AI to business design). Participants were invited to the symposium and the party on the 16th of November, and to the "Open House" on the 17th.

A report on the workshop will be available shortly.


The programme is available for download in pdf format

For general information about the InterLink project, see http://interlink.ics.forth.gr/

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