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Strategic Research Workshop


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> Scope and Objectives


Proposed Participants

Software-Intensive Systems

"Challenges, Visions and Research Issues for Software-Intensive Systems"

22 - 23 May 2004 , Edinburg, Scotland

Scope and Objectives

The aims of the Workshop are threefold:

  • to discuss the state of the art in engineering software-intensive systems, to evaluate potential or partial solutions that have been proposed, and to analyse why some ideas were or were not successful;
  • to propose and discuss in a pro-active way innovative approaches and solutions of the problems and challenges of software-intensive systems and to present visionary and explorative perspectives and bold ideas for the modeling language, the programming language, and the construction, validation and verification methods and processes of software-intensive systems;
  • to show how pragmatic methods in software-intensive Systems Engineering can be integrated with and enhanced by the results of foundational research to handle the new problems posed, among others, by the requirements of embedded systems, the different levels of component and system granularity, the heterogeneity of components, the use of distribution, mobility and communication, and the request for appropriate human-interface support.